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The Clinic Will Close at 10:30AM on November 10th.
At the Education Clinic, we value the importance of a strong, academic foundation to propel our youth to greatness. We win, when our children succeed and thrive.  Throughout the school year and during the summer, we provide programs that will allow our children to think critically and reason rationally. We believe these skills will allow them to soar on any standardized test. Click the link to print out application.

Fees for the summer program are:
$475 for children in PreK3&4 NOTE: $50 is Trip Busing, $25 Cover Trips
​​$425 for children in grades K-7th NOTE: $25 Cover Trips
​​NOTE: All children currently in Kindergarten  will be tested  on May 19th  at 8:30 A.M. (for grouping within the classroom). Testing will be held at Harlem Academy, 1330 5th Ave., between 111th and 112th streets. Blue Canopy)
Registration Day - May 12th @ Harlem Academy, 5th Ave between 111th&112th
Doors open 7AM, Close 1PM. First Come, First Served​

Dates are July 5th - August 8th​ (Graduation To Be Announced),
Regular hours are: Monday-Thursday 8:15-3:30pm and Friday 8:15-12:30pm.
​We offer extended hours until 6:00pm  Monday-Friday for an additional $200.