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This is an intensive, accelerated program which serves children in grades 1  through grade 8, during the summer and on saturday mornings during the school year. Teachers in small class settings work with children who are at least one grade level above their current grade. The school day is enhanced with cultural / recreational activities in the afternoons during the summer. The goal of the A.A.C.E. program is to prepare students for the entrance exams and workloads of the more competitive public, parochial, and independent schools.

NOTE: Normally, for new students, placement in the accelerated program is by testing held on the first Saturday in May. In 2018, we will test on the first day of the summer program. Students in the Fall Saturday AACE Program do not test for placement in the Summer AACE Program, it is by invitation.

​​BE ADVISED No application will be considered registered, nor will your spot be held without payment.
Academic Achievement and Cultural Enrichment (A.A.C.E) Program